There are two different cleaning processes depending on which type of marker you are writing with.

   Important Notes 

  • For good ink flow at the tip of your marker, hang it with the tip facing down.

  • Cleaning agents or solvents  may permanently damage your organizer.

  • ONLY clean with whiteboard cleaner when using whiteboard markers. 

  • We don't recommend  spraying cleaner directly onto your eraser.

  • We recommend 1 or 2 sprays only from your whiteboard cleaner spray bottle directly onto your organizer.

Generally your organiser can be erased without cleaner. A dry erase with just

your magnetic eraser or the tip of your whiteboard marker will  often be

enough to clean your organizer. However particularly if the marker has been

left on for a while or if you need a thorough clean, a spray of whiteboard

cleaner will bring your organiser back to new.


For your large organiser we recommend a couple of  sprays of water from

the mini spray bottle onto your organizer and then wiping it with the dry microfibre cloth. For a single mini organiser as there is a smaller surface area

to clean, these can easily be erased with a damp soft tissue and then wiped

dry straight after with a dry tissue.


   Important Notes 

  • Chalk markers are non toxic and odourless.

  • For good ink flow at the tip of your marker, hang it with the tip facing down.

  • Chalk markers may require shaking from time to time and gentling pushing

       the nib down occasionally to maintain good strong white lines.

  •  ONLY clean your organiser with water when writing with chalk markers. 

  • Cleaning agents or solvents may permanently damage your organizer.

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